Where to Use

SleepMuffs™ can be used anywhere you want to sleep or create your own, personal bubble to escape. They gently hold on to your head so they don’t slip off regardless of what you’re doing. Their large side cushions turn any wall or window into your sleep buddy.

Here are a few places where we think you might enjoy SleepMuffs™:

On a Plane

Up right in your seat or lying down. When you wear SleepMuffs™ with compatible earbuds the great sound reduction allows you set the volume of your earbuds to comfortable levels - no more painful ear drums from loud movies!

In a Bed

On your back, side, cushion or no cushion, window wide open on your street to catch a breeze without the noise.

On a Bus

Against the window or any handrail. Oh and don’t worry about that person yelling on their phone - they’ll sound like they’re whispering.

In a Train

Against the window, headrest or to block the screams from the children a few rows up

On a Couch

On the armrest, cushions or your friend’s laps.When you wear SleepMuffs™ with compatible earbuds you can easily meditate on your favourite soundtracks while your friend is watching TV.

In a Car

Against the window, headrest, lying down or fully reclined. Oh and don’t worry about that air whipping through the open windows - they’ll sound like a soothing breeze.

SleepMuffs™ by Blisstil


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