The Story

Hi my name is Oliver and I’m a light sleeper.

I’ve suffered from being awoken by noise for as long as I can remember, and more recently by a painful neck.

I grew up in a noisy family and buzzing neighbourhood. Dad was an early riser and a heavy walker, the sky was full of planes by 5:45 am and the street out front was packed with traffic by 7 am. My only viable solution for noise at the time were earplugs, they had a bit of getting-used-to, but I learned to love them.

As the years went by I grew more and more fed up with how invasive they were and the pain they caused. So I decided to try to stop using them. As any fellow light sleeper can imagine it was arduous, fruitless and just made me even more tired.

At this point in my life, long hours at the office had started getting the better of my already poor sleep. I would be waking up earlier than usual to a painful neck. Even though I was sleeping on my back I couldn't stop my head from tilting from side to side, putting tension on my neck and causing pain. This was of course exacerbated by looking at a screen all day.

Being the person that I am, I journeyed on a quest to find a single solution to my problems. I wanted to create something effective at blocking noise, comfortable for my neck and ears, without electronics and that could travel with me wherever I went. Ultimately I wanted to create my very own portable cocoon.

After months of research and testing, SleepMuffs™ were born.

SleepMuffs™ by Blisstil


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