Meet The Team

The Inventor

Globetrotter, engineer and sleep enthusiast Oliver Masson is passionate about health and obsessed with comfort. Oliver was raised in 4 different countries and has changed homes 9 times throughout his life. He always gets awoken (too early in his opinion) by birds, cars, planes, his wife Alice’s breathing and or his painful neck. In his most recent home of Sydney, Australia, he learnt a lot about design, ergonomics, user comfort and sustainability. Before that, he graduated with the highest class of honours at a top engineering faculty in Australia. The idea of an ergonomic sound-blocking pillow came to him after trying to go to bed early whilst his friends were playing Uno in the living room of his small, one bedroom apartment. With only the idea in mind and a dream in his heart he decided to let go of his consulting job to build Blisstil. He took up work as a part-time tradie to fuel his invention. He now wants to help millions of people across the world and Australia have amazing naps so people are ready for anything life throws at them.

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The Soundsmith

Recent father of one, sound tech maestro, and fellow light sleeper, Mervin Kall, brings his global journey and electronic finesse to Blisstil.

Having lived in various countries before settling in Australia, Mervin's passion for sound and technology shines through in the dozen speakers he's crafted by hand. He's the genius behind our innovative Bluetooth product range. Mervin and Oliver's paths crossed at a party, where Mervin's self-made sound system impressed Oliver and the whole 100 person party. This chance meeting led Mervin to bring his expertise to Blisstil. With a Bachelor’s and Master’s in IT, Electrical and Computer Engineering from Germany’s RWTH Aachen University and a Master’s in General Engineering from France's CentralSupélec, Mervin is not just an enthusiast but a certified expert. His work has earned him a university innovation award, underscoring his skill in optimizing speaker design and sound quality.

Together, Mervin and Oliver, both seasoned globetrotters and pioneers in their fields, are the driving force behind Blisstil, committed to enhancing sleep and comfort worldwide through their innovative designs.

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The Draftsman

Industrial design guru with over two decades of experience, Chris Knight has been the creative brain behind hundreds of products. Since joining Blisstil in 2021, he's been the mastermind of all our industrial designs, working in tandem with Oliver to seamlessly integrate extensive product testing insights into flawless 3D models.

His journey with us has been filled with late nights and early mornings, meticulously crafting Blisstil’s designs and their moulds.

Chris is more than an industrial designer; he's a visionary who turns concepts into tangible, impactful products. At Blisstil, he's not just designing products; he's shaping the future of comfort and innovation.

The Advisor

Globtrotter, master communicator and neck pain connoisseur, Henri Masson is passionate about energy and stress management. He grew up in 7 different countries and changed homes 14 times throughout his life! He often waits until the very last minute before getting out of bed so he can maximise his rest and champion his day. This does mean he rushes his morning routine in about 30 seconds! It's really impressive you should see it. His wealth of international experiences, consumer goods knowledge and analytics background has led him to become a National Key Account Manager at one of the oldest and most respected luxury groups in the world.

When Henri saw his brother, Oliver, trying out his freshly fabricated prototype, he immediately took it for a test run. Once he woke up, he was hooked. Not only did he manage to sleep in a room full of people, but the neck pain he carries around from working at a desk 5 days a week had dissipated! Now Henri advises Blisstil on the business development side and hopes that everybody will soon be able to enjoy Blisstil's SleepMuffs™ for themselves.

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The Primary Investor

Citizen of the world, engineer and extreme sleeper, Alice Finidori aka “The Rock” is passionate about innovation and quality. Alice was raised in 5 different countries and has changed homes 11 times throughout her life. She has trouble convincing herself to go to bed as she always finds something better to do, but once she’s in, there’s no getting her out! By day she problem solves code for an ASX listed start-up and by night she listens to her husband, Oliver, ramble on about his ideas. When she heard that he wanted to create a product that could help her sleep through the neighbour’s 8am Saturday vacuum session she was hooked! She now looks forward to sharing her investment with the rest of her fellow rocks.

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