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“An internationally patented, Australian made & designed, sound-blocking neck pillow, ergonomically shaped to help your neck relax and help you sleep in a noisy bedroom, plane or train."

- Oliver Masson, Founder & Engineer


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Theo Heude

Beta Tester

I’m a side sleeper and I found that the wide side cushions were really comfortable without compromising sound reduction. What I prefer in SleepMuffs is its versatility. I use it in bed, in the lounge room while I nap or on a long drive. My head is fantastically supported, nothing like what is already available on the market, a real game changer.  

Alice Finidori

Beta Tester & Primary Investor

It’s actually quite incredible how much sound SleepMuffs manages to block out, while still being super comfortable. I can finally get some shut eye while the neighbour decides to clean his apartment at 8am on a Saturday! The neck support is great too, I feel relaxed as soon as I slip them, like if someone was holding my head while I fall asleep. It's a whole experience that is 100% worth the try.

Jeremy Boue

Beta Tester

Since I sleep on my back I often have my head that tilts either way often causing neck strains, SleepMuffs helped me avoid that! It's incredible how better I feel since I've been using it. Can't wait for the Blisstil team to deliver the manufactured version.


SleepMuffs™ by Blisstil


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