How do they block noise?

SleepMuffs™ block 33dB of sound by the way they are built - no electronics or harmful waves. 

There are 5 unique layers that enable SleepMuffs to comfortably and effectively reduce noise:

1. Dual fabric breathable cover - The inside of SleepMuffs is covered by a silk-like, thermo-regulating, sustainable bamboo fabric allowing you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. The outside of SleepMuffs is covered by a smooth, soft and more durable fabric made from recycled single-use bottles, resistant to stains and accelerated wear & tear.

2. High quality homogeneous foam - triple purpose by acting as a pillow for comfort, an ear seal and a sound wave absorber. It is made to our specific recipe so it achieves the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

3. Acoustic shell - fundamental in ensuring a proper seal and acts as a noise barrier, made from ABS.

4. Sound reducing foam - lightweight acoustic foam for maximum noise reduction.

5. Ultra soft ear seal - essential for comfort and sound minimisation.

How well do they block noise?

Our in-house experiments show that SleepMuffs™ have great sound reduction at 33 dB.

These experiments put SleepMuffs™ up against Bose's QC 25 Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones and 3M's MODEL E-A-Rsoft earplugs and the results speak for themselves.

SleepMuffs'™ rivals BOSE's QC 25s by blocking almost the same amount of sound, without any electronics.

3M's Earplugs trail behind at only 23dB of sound reduction.

SleepMuffs™ by Blisstil


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