How do they block noise?

SleepMuffs™ block 33dB of sound by the way they are built - no electronics or harmful waves. 

There are 5 unique layers that enable SleepMuffs to comfortably and effectively reduce noise:

1. Dual fabric breathable cover - The inside of SleepMuffs is covered by a silk-like, thermo-regulating, sustainable bamboo fabric allowing you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. The outside of SleepMuffs is covered by a smooth, soft and more durable fabric made from recycled single-use bottles, resistant to stains and accelerated wear & tear.

2. High quality homogeneous foam - triple purpose by acting as a pillow for comfort, an ear seal and a sound wave absorber. It is made to our specific recipe so it achieves the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

3. Imperceptible acoustic shell - fundamental in ensuring a proper seal and acts as a noise barrier, made from ABS.

4. Sound reducing foam - lightweight acoustic foam for maximum noise reduction.

5. Ultra soft ear seal - essential for comfort and sound minimisation.

How well do they block noise?

Our in-house experiments show that SleepMuffs™ have amazing sound reduction at 33 dB.

These experiments put SleepMuffs™ up against Bose's QC 25 Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Headphones and 3M's MODEL E-A-Rsoft earplugs and the results speak for themselves.

SleepMuffs'™ rivals BOSE's QC 25s by blocking almost the same amount of sound, without any electronics.

3M's Earplugs trail behind at only 23dB of sound reduction.

SleepMuffs achieves this sound reduction in comfort.It avoids in-ear pressure by covering your ears unlike invasive earplugs.Its wide and ergonomically designed side cushions evenly distribute the weight of your head to avoid over-ear pressure unlike headphones which concentrate it around your ears.Overall SleepMuffs™ are much more than just a sound blocking sleep aid, they are a small, portable cocoon.You can check out our test results and methodology through this link: Sound Testing.

SleepMuffs™ by Blisstil


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